Why Use Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies

Because natural remedies are……. natural.

Most prescribed medicines are synthetic and include man-made substances and compounds that are bad for the human body. Pumping more artificial chemicals into the body is not healthy.

Eating healthily has become a real challenge for many people in western societies. We are confronted by supermarkets full of processed food which contains artificial ingredients in addition to excess amounts of sugar, salt and fat. The post WWII rise in obesity and illness is directly linked to poor dietary choices.

The default solution of the modern health system is to put even more processed ingredients into the body in the form of pills and potions manufactured in the vast chemistry laboratories of the major pharmaceutical companies of the world. Eating processed food and processed medicine doesn’t seem to be working therefore increasing numbers of people are ‘going natural’.

Natural remedies are..…….…healthy.

They are mostly made from freely available plants or herbs, and have completely natural ingredients, most of which are beneficial to the human body.

Natural remedies are…..easier to obtain than prescription medicine.

It’s not necessary to visit a doctor for examination prior to getting a solution. Just visit your local health store or buy on-line through the internet and have it delivered to your door.

Natural remedies are…………. more affordable than prescribed medicines.

The costs involved in research, testing, production, clinical trials, bureaucracy, government approval, distribution and marketing are vast….and then there’s the profit made by the pharmaceutical giants and the bonuses and shareholder dividends. Is it any wonder prescribed medicines are so expensive? Most natural remedies are made from spontaneously growing flora and fauna and also don’t have the bureaucratic burden of approval and licensing to follow before being made available for purchase.

Natural remedies are………… safer and rarely have any unwanted side effects on people.

Benefits of natural remedies include
• More energy
• Less tiredness
• Better quality sleep
• Stabilised hormones and metabolism
• Strengthened immune system

Combined with a healthy dietary regime, natural remedies have a swift and long-lasting positive effect on human health.

Natural remedies …………..….have been used by people for thousands of years. All of the great ancient civilisations (Chinese, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Inca, Mayan and the many original tribes of the Amazon rainforest) used medicines that were based on plants and herbs.

Can natural remedies have side effects? Side effects from natural medicines do happen, but are rare and usually mild as dosage strength is often much lower than synthetic solutions. However, some natural medicines do produce adverse reactions particularly if mixed with conventional medicine. It is always wise to check with a doctor before taking a natural cure if you have been taking prescribed medication recently.

Anybody could have an allergic reaction to any substance they come into contact with.

Much more is known about allergies now than 30 years ago. Common allergies include gluten, lactose, nuts, dairy, pollen, asthma, eczema. Allergic rhinitis (hay fever)
Less than 4% of adults have some form of food allergy (WebMD; https://www.webmd.com/allergies/allergy-statistics)

It is always possible that a natural remedy could produce an adverse reaction though reported instances seem to be very low.

Treatments based on natural substances are becoming increasingly popular as more people realise that they can make effective choices themselves to treat many ailments and conditions.

Natural remedies are ……………..….here to stay and will grow in popularity.


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