Vitamins & Supplements

It is possible to improve your diet by taking additional vitamins and supplements to compensate for items that are missing or depleted. Here are some of the most popular and important natural herbs, vitamins and substances that are available in supplement form. Ashwagandha Used in India for thousands of years as part of Ayurveda medicinal […]


  These items are considered to be the minimum essential ingredients for providing natural remedies at home. Keep a stock of them in your cupboard   visit the Store now to purchase                        Ginger                        […]


Natural Remedy: ginger, peppermint, lemon, chamomile tea, vitamin B6 supplement. Notes: everyone gets nausea occasionally; can be caused by too much rich food, eating too quickly, not chewing your food enough. Try: sitting upright, avoiding crunching your stomach; sipping warm water mixed with any of the above ingredients (not too strong though); going for a […]


Common Sense Remedy; drink fresh water throughout the day. Go for a walk in the fresh air. Avoid alcohol. Natural Remedies: Magnesium. Try chelated magnesium or  magnesium citrate to help ward off headaches. Start with a small dose and build up to the recommended dose on the bottle. Chelated means the magnesium is more easily […]


Natural Home Remedy Store Buy natural remedies and ingredients on-line from this store To Browse all items in a category – click on the product link on left  For selected displayed items – click on product image Essentials You should keep these items in your kitchen cupboard to help you stay healthy Priority Essentials Aloe […]