The Medicine Plant

Aloe Vera North American Indians called it the “Medicine Plant”; modern observers use the term “Wonder Plant”. Whatever you choose cannot hide the history of the Aloe Vera plant which has been used for various medical purposes for centuries. It is more popular than ever and is used as a food flavouring and supplement, in […]


  These items are considered to be the minimum essential ingredients for providing natural remedies at home. Keep a stock of them in your cupboard   visit the Store now to purchase                        Ginger                        […]


Natural Remedy: ginseng, goldenroot, adaptagenic herbs, schisandra, cordyceps sinensi (cordymax) Notes: if you have low blood pressure or diabetes it’s always wise to check with your doctor first before taking a new natural remedy or supplement. Just don’t be fobbed off with the standard Big Pharma solution; insist on a natural remedy. Try: changing your […]