Elderberries help fight Influenza Folk medicines and herbal remedies have been used for millennia to combat a whole range of ailments… However, a recent study by a group of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering researchers from the University of Sydney determined exactly how a popular ancient remedy, the elderberry fruit, can help the fight against the […]

Tea Drinkers Live Longer

  Drinking tea at least three times a week is linked with a longer and healthier life, according to a study published today in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, a journal of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). “Habitual tea consumption is associated with lower risks of cardiovascular disease and all-cause death,” said first […]


Cannabis: building bridges between ancient and modern medicine By Shakera Halim -19th November 2019 Nature’s intelligent design, recognised by older medicinal traditions, is finding its way back into modern western medicine, and cannabis is helping to open the way. Today more people than ever are turning to cannabis to treat a wide range of conditions. […]

Drinking Tea Improves Brain Health

A recent study led by researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) revealed that regular tea drinkers have better organised brain regions — and this is associated with healthy cognitive function — compared to non-tea drinkers. The research team made this discovery after examining neuroimaging data of 36 older adults. “Our results offer the […]


News from the world of natural remedies Turmeric better than Ibuprofen Turmeric is now believed to be more effective as a pain reliever than many over the counter medications. This includes items such as Ibuprofen and Advil……Read more   Elderberries help fight Influenza Folk medicines and herbal remedies have been used for millennia to combat […]

The Health System

The medical system of the developed world has improved phenomenally in the past 50 years. Common human conditions are now treatable and many serious infectious diseases have been all but eradicated through the continuous improvement of medicines. Modern medicine has become increasingly focussed on preventive treatment. Advances in surgical techniques have allowed hitherto untreatable conditions […]

Did you know…….

The world is home to an estimated 250,000 higher plant species. Between 14 and 28 percent of them are utilized for their medicinal properties. Traditional Chinese Medicine makes use of over 5,000 plants. In North America, Native Americans have used a documented 2,564 plants in herbal preparations. Peppermint fragrance is an effective way of getting […]


Natural Remedy: St John’s Wort (dangerous if combined with conventional painkillers), Saffron, Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA), Gingko Biloba Notes: a change in your diet allowing increased intake of a range of naturally healthy foodstuffs over several weeks will be more noticeable than taking one supplement. There is no quick fix for […]