About Us

Natural Home Remedy Store is a website and blog dedicated to the promotion of natural remedies and natural food ingredients to treat illnesses and conditions that affect our health and well-being. At Natural Home Remedy Store, we believe that there are natural solutions to almost all conditions and ailments. 

Over the years many people have told us about prescribed medicines that simply haven’t worked or have produced unpleasant side effects that, in some cases, have proved worse than the original condition they were prescribed for. Widespread coverage in the media about the effects of over-processed food has raised awareness about what we eat and is causing increasing numbers of people to question what is added to the food we eat.

We acknowledge and respect the incredible progress that has been made in medical knowledge and treatment over the past fifty years. Advances in treatment and surgery have improved the health of thousands of people across the globe. We have also become increasingly aware of the darker side of the medical profession. 

Despite the efforts of major pharmaceutical businesses to gloss over and suppress negative events, people have become more aware that all is not as rosy as the medical profession would have you believe. Numerous media reports and long-standing controversies such as the Thalidomide scandal of the 1960s and other well-documented incidents where well-intentioned research went wrong are proof of this.  

Man-made medication is based upon artificial chemical ingredients which, while often being effective in treating specific conditions, also have unpleasant side effects.  Many of these side effects are minor and affect relatively few people. However, some are more serious and can cause further illness, which can be more disagreeable than the original condition. All medications come with a warning leaflet about potential side effects. How many of us actually read it? 

In the US, estimates of the number of deaths caused by side effects of medication put this figure at 128,000 per year. (Harvard University study 2014). 

Improved knowledge about potential side effects has developed in the 21st century. This has led to an increased interest in alternative medicine as a source of treatment. 

Well-intentioned actions sometimes go awry. Individuals have different health profiles and histories and have varying likes, dislikes, and reactions to ingredients contained within ingested materials. Whilst we accept that as an inevitable consequence of life, what is unacceptable is the suppression of natural alternative medicines in favour of manufactured solutions that generate excessive profits for large corporate pharmaceutical businesses.  

Fortunately, an increasing number of experienced medical professionals across the world are now questioning the ethics of the system that trained them and have realised that natural substances can be extremely effective in the treatment of a wide variety of human ailments. Indeed, the medical profession itself uses natural ingredients in many medications.   

The Amazon rainforest is a major source of newly discovered ingredients for modern medicines. All too often, however, low-cost natural ingredients are dismissed by the pharmaceutical industry as worthless and ineffective as they are seen as a threat to the more profitable solutions which can be foisted onto unsuspecting victims. 

Our research is extensive and includes many articles, books, and medical research papers produced by respected medical professionals in the US and Europe. Articles included in this site will often refer to and include contributions from some of these respected medical professionals and university researchers. 

The site will contain a series of articles related to the use of natural remedies, as opposed to prescribed medication that originated within the medical system controlled by the major pharmaceutical businesses. 

Our Store will allow you to purchase some natural remedies and food ingredients that have proved to be effective and safe. 

We wish you well.